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Astrology Compatibility, Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Astrology Compatibility or Horoscope Matching before planning the marriage is an important aspect in India and Western Countries. Our Astrology Match System is different from Western Astrology Sun Sign Compatibility, as well as Traditional Indian System of Moon Sign, Horoscope matching , which is called 'GUNA-MILAN'.

Western Astrology Compatibility system is based on the Sun sign (Solar sign). There are 12 Zodiac sign & the Sun remain in 1 sign for 30 days. So Sun Sign based Horoscope compatibility is not a perfect method of compatibility or Horoscope analysis.

Traditional Indian Astrology 'Guna Milan' system of 36 points Guna is based on ONLY MOON's Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion at birth (Boy and girl).

Moon remain in one Nakshatra 22 to 26 hrs. So how it is possible that all boys or girls born on a particular Sun or Moon sign or Moon Nakshatra are compatible?

Both the System are not adequate & sufficient, as it does not analyze Horoscope matching on all the aspects of life such as nature, likeness, health, progeny, harmony, financial & social status, prosperity & understanding. While Our Astrology Compatibility or Horoscope match system, based on the Stellar-KP system, which analyze all the above factors in both of Horoscopes.

You may contact us to get satisfactory answer for all your queries, related to Astrology compatibility, before taking such an important decision for MARRIAGE.

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