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Business-Financial & Career Astrology

Everybody wants beter Job, Career / Business, Financial Opportunities, promotion and position in society. Of course you are one of them.

Unsatisfied With Your Career & Finance?
May be you are unsatisfied with your current business or job & like to know for better financial position or promotion or new job when?

Financial Problem in Business? You are doing hard work in business, but not get satisfactory growth, may face problems in business or factory, as less profitably, workmen problem, problems from govt. dept. etc.

If you feel that things are not going according to you and When it seems that you caught in a vicious circle of necessity and not find the cause of your disappointment, If you need an urgent change in your life, then Our Astrology Reading / consultation will help you better to understand the situation in which you have. You will find the greatest opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Our Real Time Live Astrology Reading on Phone or Chat will give you the Astrological Reason of your setbacks and unsatisfaction in your career / business, and the ways to get rid of financial problem with Vedic astrology remedies i.e.,

Lucky Gemstones, Vedic Mantra and above all Astro Vastu. We will give you Time framed pinpoint Indian Astrology predictions of your job promotion or switch, end of financial crisis in the business.

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Services & Fees

Live Astrology Reading On Phone - ( Upto 30 minutes Consultation)

 Instant (Appointment within 10 minute-2 Hr) US$ 99
 Premium (Appointment within 24 Hr) US$ 88
 Economy (Appointment within 2 Days) US$ 77

- You will get Audio record file by email of Telephonic Astrology Compatibility- Horoscope matching reading after phone session. * Mobile or cell phone of US, Canada & India only.

- If there will be any unavoidable technical interruption due to power / ISP failure etc., your Appointment for Astrology Compatibility will be postpone till normalization/ next day.



Mr.Prashant Shah


More than 25 Years.

Education: BA, MA, DCS, Diploma in Astrology, Ph.D. ( Astrology )*
Vedic Astrology - Zodiac Sign
India, the land of Vedas, and the origin of spiritualism have a huge store of religious and cultural.